The SCARF Exchange is an international group of individuals interested in human blood groups. This group includes scientists, serologists and physicians with an emphasis in transfusion medicine. They have agreed to exchange, among the membership, samples that have rare blood group phenotypes, rare antibodies or other substances useful for the investigation of complex serological problems. In addition, these samples have been used to elucidate the biochemistry, molecular genetics and function of proteins carrying blood group factors.

A Tribute to SCARF Exchange Founder- John Moulds
John J. Moulds, MT(ASCP)SBB, world renowned immunohematologist, teacher and founder of the International SCARF Exchange Program, passed away on June 13th, 2011, after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.

John was born on July 29th, 1943 in McPherson, KS. He was a graduate of Chadron State College, Chadron, NB, and began his medical technology career in 1965 at St. John’s McNamara Hospital; Rapid City, SD. He obtained his Specialist in Blood Banking in 1968 at the then Minneapolis War Memorial Blood Bank in Minneapolis, MN, and later became Supervisor of the Reference Laboratory there. In 1975, John moved to Gamma Biologicals in Houston, TX, as Director of Consultation and Education. He ultimately became President and Chief Operating Officer of Gamma, before moving to Baylor Medical College in Houston, TX, then to Ortho Clinical Diagnostics in Raritan, NJ, as Director, Immunohematology Assay Development and Research, and later a Senior Research Fellow. John finished his career as Director, Scientific Support Services at LifeShare Blood Centers in Shreveport, LA. Earlier this year, at his retirement, the laboratories were renamed The John J. Moulds Reference and Scientific Support Laboratories.

John authored/co-authored over 100 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals, and served on committees of the AABB, International Society of Blood Transfusion and the South Central Association of Blood Banks (SCABB). He was the recipient of several awards, including: the Ivor Dunsford Award and Sally Frank Award from the AABB; the Kay Beattie Lectureship from the Michigan Association of Blood Banks; the Angela Konugres Award from the Massachusetts Association of Blood Banks; the L. Jean Stubbins Award and the Larry Trow Memorial Award from SCABB, and the Award for Technical Excellence from America's Blood Centers/Institute for Transfusion Medicine. John was preceded in death by his father Robert Moulds. He leaves behind his wife JoAnn, his mother Edith Moulds, siblings Robert Moulds, Jr. and Barbara Moulds-Powers, two daughters (Dr. Terri L. Moulds-Bowen and Dr. Christine C. Moulds-Merritt) and their mother Marilyn K. Moulds, two grandchildren (Daniel Bartley Merritt, III and Matthew Ryan Merritt), and six dogs. He recently stated that the most notable thing to remember about him is that his dogs liked him, and what could be better than that? However, John's greatest legacy is undoubtedly the SCARF International Exchange Program, which he founded in 1972. This program, at one time comprising 150+ members, facilitates exchange of rare red blood cell phenotypes and antisera, thereby providing immunohematolgy reference laboratories the resources to resolve complex antibody identification cases and screen for rare donors.

It has been my privilege to have known John as both a colleague and friend. I truly believe that sentiment is shared by all fellow blood bank serologists.
A memorial lectureship is being established by the Invitational Conference for Investigative Immunohematologist. Details will follow.

W. John Judd, FIBMS, MIBiol
Emeritus Professor, University of Michigan